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Offer for business

For companies preferring pleasant atmosphere of the guest house everything that is neccessary will be arranged including both the supporting programme and catering.

Facilities available:

  • multipurpose room with a fireplace and two terraces
  • restaurant with a terrace
  • small lounge with a bar

Company trainings:

  • appliances needed for training
  • adjustment of space
  • training with accommodation
  • seminars, teambuildings, company parties
  • complete catering service
  • after hard work you can relax in a private wellness room, or we will arrange other supporting programme for you such as driving a segway, riding a horse, trying jumping boots ... in nearby Vitality Sports Centre

We will ensure all needed equipment – We will satisfy all your requirements concerning the adjustment of premises – We can close the guest house for you – Individual packet on your request

Mix business with pleasure and you will find out that the time spent with your colleagues does not always mean a working duty.